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MAR/18/2014 :: 1:10PM CST :: The Calvary Graves GRAVES|EP will be released online for free in April, 2014. It only took 3 years to finish.

OCT/13/2013 :: 1:30AM CST :: I've started to upload the early work of one Mr. Riley James to bandcamp. Enjoy!...

APR/10/2013 :: 4:25AM CST :: It has been a while since the last update! The Anodes LP is sold out! Also, the Drama/Overdoser split was put on indefinite hiatus in case anyone cared. I'm going to be putting out some releases this summer so stay tuned! -James

OCT/18/2012 :: 3:15PM CST :: The Anodes LP's are in today and the preorders are shipping out!

OCT/03/2012 :: 1:02PM CST :: The Riley James LP jackets are IN and are shipping today!

OCT/02/2012 :: 11:15AM CST ::

1. - The Riley James preorders will ship out tomorrow. Sorry, the jackets took forever to get here.

2. - The Anodes records SHOULD be in by the week of their tour on October 15th-ish.

3. - The OVERDOSER / DRAMA SPLIT 7-INCH preorders are up on the E-Store section... Che-Che-Che-Check it out.

SEP/26/2012 :: 5:15PM CST :: The Riley James LP is printed on 94 copies of Purple Marble and 206 copies of Pink Marble. 1-94 will be purple, and the rest pink. There are still a few copies of purple available for preorder so get 'em before they're gone and you get stuck with the MUCH LESS CRUCIAL pink. :)

SEP/25/2012 :: 2:55PM CST :: The Riley James LP's are in from the pressing plant. The jackets will be in at the end of the week and then they will ship!

SEP/10/2012 :: 5:15PM CST :: Anodes LP covers...

AUG/23/2012 :: 6:36PM CST :: Thanks to all those who have preordered records. You are all awesome.

AUG/21/2012 :: 2:34PM CST :: Preorders are up at the E-Store section.

AUG/20/2012 :: 7:55PM CST :: Preorders for the ANODES LP and the RILEY JAMES LP will be available tomorrow. Get sick.

AUG/17/2012 :: 5:45PM CST :: Temporary site launch... Records will be pressed. Many will die.